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In 2009, the Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair turned 50, and in 2018 we celebrated our 60th! As part of the celebration, the Council decided to put together printed booklets showing highlights of the 50 and 60 years. These are now available in PDF format to view online, click the links below.

A painting of the first art fair was presented in 1959 by the artist, Robert Sellers, to Bernice Crandell Wexstaff and Sue Lempke, co-chairmen of the first Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair.

Norm and Judith Brumm showing their display at this early fair.

Lars Birger Sponberg at his booth space in the 1967 fair. Lars is a veteran exhibitor.

Todd Warner with his early animal piece amid his pots.

A photograph of the art fair in East Park in 1970.

16th Annual Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair showing a portion of the poster designed by William Staffel of Staffel's Studio, Charlevoix.

Local artists who moved to Charlevoix area to establish studios. Clockwise from top, William Staffel, Bonnie Staffel, Sue Bolt, Todd Warner and Russell Bolt.

Sue Bolt, long time exhibitor, demonstrating at the fair. 

Linda Beers-Aydlott, a fine jeweler who resides in the area, has shown her work annually.

Bob Black, creative sculptor who showed regularly at the fair in the early years. 

This poster was created to advertise the third Annual Artists and Craftsmen Waterfront Fair by L. Davis.

View of East Park toward Bridge Street showing artists' displays and visitors to the fair.

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Cummings choosing a painting for the Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair from their outstanding modern art collection composed of Matisse, Roualt, Degas, Picasso, etc. It was their generous practice of showing one piece of art from their collection every year.

Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair, 1968

Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair, 1972

The 18th Annual Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair

Lee Ewald, local potter who has shown his finely crafted work at the fair.

Mathias Muleme of London, Ont., printmaker who exhibits annually at the fair.

Mike McDonnell, talented artist exhibitor originally from the Traverse City area.

James Ross, a much revered painter of realism in landscapes and nature and a popular artist at the fair.

Bonnie Staffel, local potter, exhibiting at her last fair before moving to North Carolina. She had shown her work since the third annual fair.

Barbara Godwin's porcelain vase. She is a veteran of showing at the Art Fair and who established her studio in Charlevoix from Saginaw.

Jerry Berta followed his love for the old time diners and recreated them in clay with the neon signs.

Diane Hubert creates jewelry of delicate, sensitive artistry and is a long time exhibitor at the Fair.

Pat Custer Dennison is a creator of mixed media two-dimensional work, colorful and imaginative. A long time exhibitor at the Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair.

Ed Risak came from the Marquette area of the Upper Peninsula to show his Raku forms. He was a long time exhibitor.

Madeline Kacrmarczyk, creator of bold contemporary pottery, continues to show her work at the fair.

Joan Michlin, a designer and craftsman of elegant jewelry, with her exhibit.

Dot Replinger a long time exhibitor at the Fair, 2003 was her last year to participate before retiring.

The Charlevoix Council for the Arts would like to extend its thanks to the following people and organizations for their untiring efforts to make the Charlevoix Waterfront Art Fair grow into the success it has become:

  • Participating Artists

  • Attending patrons

  • Working volunteers and committees

  • The Charlevoix City employees

  • The Charlevoix Police Department


Archive photographs courtesy of the Charlevoix Historical Society

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